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Cracking Mesa | Battlemap Pack - The War of Auraspure $22.50 $15.00
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Cracking Mesa | Battlemap Pack - The War of Auraspure
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Cracking Mesa | Battlemap Pack - The War of Auraspure
Publisher: The War of Auraspure
by Brian K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/13/2018 05:32:51

30 high-res maps? Wow! Love the way the maps in this pack easily lead into each other, connect, and have a huge amount of utility with their various combinations. Excellent work on the overall level of detail, but also your shadowing effects, fading of various ground textures, and plants. Amazing job on the lava map especially. The coloring and steam effect is wonderful there. The use of symbols on all your maps is very well done, especially your statues. I am particularly impressed by your lighting and texture blending as well as the color variation on your Druid's Circle map. Outstanding. Your Traveler's Sanctuary map features your best work with water to date, especially the waves and partially submerged rocks. The wind effects in your Valley of Wind map are well done. I have not seen other artists do something like this, so I am assuming that wind effects are not easy to duplicate. I also really like the bubbles in The Mud Pool. The small rocks on your maps are okay, but they look kinda flat to me. I feel the same way about your larger rock formations. I have seen other artists give their rocks and rock formations a rounded, downward beveled look on the edges and to me this looks better, but I'm just being picky. Overall five stars. Please keep creating amazing maps like these.

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