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(G-Core) Guardian Universe: REVIVAL: Deep Space
by Christopher C.
Publisher: Dilly Green Bean Games
Date Added: 09/28/2016 13:00:33
(G-Core) Guardian Universe: REVIVAL: Deep Space There have been a multitude of G-Core products over the years. Most deal with what we would call low-to-mid level characters, others cover the high end of the spectrum. Deep Space goes even further. This new product for G-Core covers the most powerful beings in the Guardian Universe setting. Deep Space covers a myriad of different topics starting with the War of the Gods and what has happend until now. There are a number of powerful groups that have formed in the setting due to the actions of people far in the past. This butterfly effect has changed the very nature of the Guardian Universe to what it is today. There are a variety of beings detailed here. Everything from the soldiers of different cosmic level groups to beings powerful enough to wipe out planets. Jay does an excellent job of creating a number of creatures that fill the different 'feels' that can be present in any Cosmic campaign. There are gods and mysterious creatures that defy the laws of existance. De...

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A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe
by Customer Name Withheld
Publisher: Expeditious Retreat Press
Date Added: 09/28/2016 12:08:12
A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe Classic, has some useful information but is otherwise overrated.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
by Asa D.
Publisher: FrostByte Books
Date Added: 09/28/2016 10:07:48
M-space Very nice work, this supplement is an excellent addition to the Mythras line. I really like Extended Conflicts rules it adds a lot to narrative gameplaying it looks like from reading that you do a good job providing two different play styles those like a crunchy and and simplified streamline play. An a example of this is a simplifiedsimplified combat rules. The game also provides character sheets for both ships, players, Aliens, vehicles, world, organizations and probably more that I missed. The sheet are another great add ones that I'll be able to use that only with M-Space but a good number of the the other supplements. Again I say good job, looking forward to using your system this weekend....

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100 Fantasy Diseases
by Julien V.
Publisher: Lee's Lists
Date Added: 09/28/2016 05:56:08
100 Fantasy Diseases While the description hints at something more than just diseases names, the actual document is nothing but that. Just 100 disease names, without any description of what effects they may have or even a small blurb. Unless you're just looking for names to toss at your players, you definitely don't need this product.

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The Stars Were Right
by Kai P.
Publisher: Forever People
Date Added: 09/28/2016 05:41:55
The Stars Were Right The resolution might not be the highest on the market, but the picture looks good even as a desktop background picture. According to the license we are talking about free artwork that may be used commercially** [see the license link for details!]**, which is every DIY publishers wet dream in regard to quality work. And this -is- quality artwork. I put up a llink on my blog to promote it and I can see me using it as cover when the muse called Inspiration gifts me with a solid enough idea. The only thing that I am unhappy with is that it is ofter as FREE instead of Pay-what-you-want: as soon as I use it commercially I would have loved to give a share back to the creators, but perhaps I can find a way on the flickrpage included in the article. Thanks for the artwork! The gods may mutate me so that I have more thumbs to hold UP for this!...

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OneDice Universal
by Matt A.
Publisher: Cakebread & Walton
Date Added: 09/28/2016 04:53:45
OneDice Universal I bought the PDF and print versions of this book. I also bought OneDice Cyberpunk and I have left a review for that product. In a nutshell, OneDice Universal is a quick-to-learn, simple yet highly expandable game system which is perfect for getting a game up and running at the drop of a hat. As a parent with very little spare time, I can see our group adopting this as our go-to game. With an ever expanding range of books in the OneDice system, I can definitely see us buying all of them (and actually using them) Great product....

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OneDice Cyberpunk
by Matt A.
Publisher: Cakebread & Walton
Date Added: 09/28/2016 04:46:07
OneDice Cyberpunk I've only flipped through the PDF while I wait for the printed book version to arrive, but I have to say that I am very impressed. The system is so very straight forward and simple, yet not so simple that it doesn't leave room for expansion. In fact, the possibilities are endless with the OneDice system. I'm not soing to go into detail about the system as there is a quick-start version of the OneDice system available here on DriveThru. The overall feel of OneDice reminds me of the simplicity of Fighting Fantasy, and in fact there is a solo adventure in the quick-start book which is classic example of this general feel. Cyberpunk RPGs can be notoriously complex because of the cyberspace/matrix/jacking-in element which is a hard thing to put into practice at the game table, but the cyberspace rules in OneDice CyberPunk are so straightforward that it's going to a breeze to play. I can't recommend OneDice CyberPunk, and the OneDice system in general. As a parent who doesn't get much s...

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Endless Dungeons - Basic Set
by will m.
Publisher: Nemo Works
Date Added: 09/28/2016 01:21:37
Endless Dungeons - Basic Set This is a top notch product. I wish there were more sets available. I would buy them all!

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Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade Quickstart Guide
by Charles B.
Publisher: By Night Studios
Date Added: 09/27/2016 23:27:41
Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade Quickstart Guide It's not a replacement for the full book and it isn't supposed to be. It does well to give new players anought info to create a new character and the most basics on the combat system. It's also useful for ST and it puts the combat close at hand.

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A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book 1.2: Federation Ship Roster Card Pack
by Neil P.
Publisher: Amarillo Design Bureau
Date Added: 09/27/2016 23:20:59
A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book 1.2: Federation Ship Roster Card Pack This is a nice add on to ACTA Star Fleet. It makes the ship cards a lot more usable than those in the main book, which, I think, were just for reference. They print two of the same ones to a landscape US letter sheet. Cutting them, they are the same size as Fed Com ship cards. I am laminating them as I bought a pack of half-sheet laminating packs on Amazon I used for Fed Com sheets. The layout make ship's much more playable on the table. If you play, this is a good way to go.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Shadowrun: Hell on Water
by William J.
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
Date Added: 09/27/2016 23:20:10
Shadowrun: Hell on Water This book is fantastic. It does a beautiful job at capturing the Sixth World and it was just a straight up fun read. What makes this book so fun to read is our nameless narrator. Whom kind of reminds me of Marcus from Borderlands. A very strange use of metaphors which really helps flavor the book. It also uses a very interesting jumping around narrative style to make it like you're piecing together the story as you read. Something akin to a Catch-22 or Pulp Fiction, where the story isn't told in a linear fashion. I honestly loved it. The story itself follows a team of runners as they make it through the gauntlet known as the south bridge to Lagos Island. They have to deal with tribal disputes, the undead, magical orginizations, and organ leggers while attempting to deliver 3 mysterious packages. That basically captures everything that makes Shadowrun such a great setting. It's not about one thing, but instead about many moving parts that make the world feel real. And the narrativ...

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Ultramodern5 (5th Edition)
by Jonathan J.
Publisher: Dias Ex Machina Games
Date Added: 09/27/2016 19:42:00
Ultramodern5 (5th Edition) Pros: Human Diversity, Life Paths, Backgrounds, Ladders, Classes, and Archetypes are all outstanding. I will be integrating them into all future 5e games, modern or traditional fantasy. The two adventures featured in the book are top notch. The art is good quality, and doesn't take up too much of the book. The layout and formatting is pretty good. Cons: Weapon, Armor, and Vehicles lists are too elaborate, and redundant. While cybernetics, robotics, and biotech equipment are omitted. Likewise there is nothing for physic powers, aliens, or pseudo-science. Minor gripes: The auto fire rules aren't the best. I like how the adversary list is kind of generic, but it needs more templates and options. Summery: Worth the money for the character creation section, the rest is just a nice bonus. I have heard that a cybernetics, and a super heroes books are in the works, I'll probably pick them up, but I'm a little disappointed that that content isn't included....

[4 of 5 Stars!]
20 Dungeon Starters
by Colin K.
Publisher: Lampblack & Brimstone
Date Added: 09/27/2016 19:20:59
20 Dungeon Starters Awesome source of inspiration! The dungeon starters are great on their own and the individual pieces are easy to pick out and use in your own settings.

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Hybrid Class: Armjack
by Timothy M.
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
Date Added: 09/27/2016 15:17:10
Hybrid Class: Armjack The class is functionally, a Fighter with Bardic Performance, more skills and a better list, and the bard's saves. This may appeal to some people, who look for crunch instead of flavor- My biggest issue is honestly that you only get a little bit more than a Fighter who took the Bard VMC other than your feats. There are no flavor mechanics, everything is numbers, numbers, numbers. +1 here, +2 there. I do realize this is Pathfinder, but there are plenty of books even in this same publisher which make the archaic PF system work for a storytelling medium. Kineticists of Porphyra 1, 2, 3, Legendary Kineticists, Samurai of Porphyra, Warlord (Path of War, Dreamscarred Press), and most notably Legendary Classes: Kinetic Shinobi. I won't deny that it is powerful, but it does not innovate. I cannot recommend it, so I have given it two stars. It is worth the $3 for Purple Duck enthusiasts, but otherwise I would only get it on a sale....

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Jalizar, City of Thieves
by Olivier S.
Publisher: GRAmel
Date Added: 09/27/2016 11:44:54
Jalizar, City of Thieves Jalizar rhymes with Shadizar and Lankhmar.... This book begins with a long description of the city's history and some of its features. A wonderful city map is provided too. The rest of the book is magnificient. As always, there are character concepts - I just regret that some of these concepts are not included in the stats section with "Denizens", but this seems to have been partly corrected with the document "Archetypes of the Dominions and Jalizar" that you can download for free. The "sidebars" are excellent inputs, ex :Thieves' Signs, Merchants of Jalizar... After new edges, hindrances and trappings, the Setting Rules will help Gamemasters to enliven the rotten atmosphere of Jalizar with game mechanisms for beggars, thieves and all ingredients for dwellers of that urban jungle. There are random generators for urban locations, citizens, traps, beggars' features, and sewers (with are described in depth). Of course, other RpG systems have longer fantasy guides for cities, but ...

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